Morning           £31.50

Afternoon           £30.00

Additional hours           £5.50

Daily Rate           £52.00

This includes all nappies and wipes, along with a cooked lunch, morning snack and afternoon tea. Families with two or more children receive a 10% discount for the oldest child.


Morning           £30.00

Afternoon           £28.00

Additional hours           £5.50

Daily Rate           £48.00

We are closed for one week over Christmas and New Year for which no charge is made. There is no charge for 8 Bank holidays a year which we are also closed for.


Nursery Education Funding (NEF) Children are eligible for Nursery Education Funding (NEF) from the term following their 3rd birthday. Over the year this totals 570 hours for which there is no charge. NEF may be taken in a school year (38 weeks – term time only) or “stretched” over a full year.

If your child attends Pre-school for more than the NEF hours, you will be invoiced monthly and fee’s spread equally over the year.
A cooked lunch is available for an additional £2.75 (NEF only) with tea available in the afternoon at a cost of £1.75(NEF). Menus are on display on the parent’s notice-board.

The Nursery is closed between Christmas and New Year, for which there is no charge and monthly invoices are calculated over a 51 week year. There is no reduction in fee’s for bank holidays when we are also closed.